Vigeo Eiris

mission commitment

Values that guide us

Our raison d’etre calls for integrity and client centricity in everything we do.


  • Vigeo Eiris applies strict guidelines on work ethics and integrity. Our research is independent of any financial or economic interest. We remain impartial when formulating our opinions to prevent influencing strategies and to avoid creating potential conflicts of interest.
  • An independent scientific committee is also in place to ensure Vigeo Eiris’ independence and professional excellence.


  • Vigeo Eiris shares its research methodologies with clients, rated companies and other stakeholders.


  • In a fast-paced and competitive industry, Vigeo Eiris has established a dedicated Methodology, Innovation and Quality department to support the provision of new services to meet the needs of a rapidly evolving market.

Professional excellence & multiculturalism

  • 28 different nationalities are represented at Vigeo Eiris and our teams work closely together across departments and geographies to support client and partner needs.
  • All our employees are provided with regular professional development opportunities and through annual interviews we provide transparent and accessible analyses on performance.
  • Client centricity

    • Across all functions, our employees are committed to respect and enter into meaningful and productive dialogue to ensure a high quality customer experience and the continuous improvement of our services.