From Bad to Worse: How COVID-19 has exacerbated Social Risk in the Gig Economy

As the world grapples with the social and economic impacts of COVID-19, much of the attention in terms of social risk is focused on the medical staff who are on the front line fighting to save lives under challenging circumstances.

Business Continuity during COVID-19

Message from Sabine Lochmann, President of Vigeo Eiris

Vigeo Eiris Webinar Series – The Diversified Bank Sector

Vigeo Eiris first webinar of 2020 dived into the ESG performances of the sector and its contribution to a full transition towards a sustainable economy.

Happy New Year!

The Vigeo Eiris team wishes you a happy and beautiful 2020.
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Vigeo Eiris publishes its UN Global Compact ‘Communication on Progress’ for 2017-18

Vigeo Eiris joined the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC) in 2005, and has applied and promoted its principles and objectives ever since. Our commitment to the UNGC is natural, given that our Purpose and mission is the assessment and development of sustainability.
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Vigeo Eiris releases 12 professional commitments towards the issuers it rates

Vigeo Eiris has released 12 professional commitments towards the issuers it rates, as part of its ongoing dialogue with rated issuers regarding its responsibilities, quality of service and processes for continuous improvement.
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ILO publishes new paper on integrating international social standards into corporate strategies, based on Vigeo Eiris data

Published by the International Labour Organisation (ILO) in December 2018, ‘Corporate Social Responsibility: Exploring determinants and complementarities’ examines differences in corporate approaches to social responsibility, highlighting the key role that integrating social factors can have in improving company performance
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Vigeo Eiris joins the UK’s PLSA

Vigeo Eiris has joined the Pensions and Lifetime Savings Association – the lead membership organisation for UK pension funds
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2018 Integrated Thinking Study: strengthening of integrated thinking – an approach that benefit both companies and their stakeholders

For the third consecutive year, Capitalcom, the Cliff, the C3D, the IFACI and Vigeo Eiris have joined forces to conduct a cross-analysis of corporate
practices and perceptions regarding integrated thinking by companies and their stakeholders.
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Ceres publishes new corporate governance report based on Vigeo Eiris data

Systems Rule, the second report by Ceres using data provided by Vigeo Eiris, examines the integration of sustainability and social responsibility factors in corporate governance. The study was based on Vigeo Eiris' methodology and findings, covering 475 of the Forbes Global 2000.
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