Human Capital: a key asset not yet fully appreciated by the financial industry

This paper aims to assess 792 financial companies rated by Vigeo Eiris on their ability to enhance opportunities and limit risks in relation to their human capital.
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From goodwill to eradication, how are companies tackling child labour in the supply chain?

On the International Day Against Child Labour, Vigeo Eiris publishes this sustainability focus assessing companies’ performances and abilities to tackle child labour in their supply chain.
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Protection of biodiversity: Companies need to take action as scores remain quite limited

On the International Day for Biological Diversity, Vigeo Eiris publishes the list of its 18 Top Performing companies on the criteria “Commitment to prevent risks of endangering biodiversity”
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Gender diversity in the workplace: baby steps but miles to go!

Public debate around gender equality has been enjoying a new boom over the past years. Indeed, stakeholders have enhanced their expectation regarding companies’ ability to prevent gender discrimination and promote gender equality.
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Social Dialogue: a corporate social responsibility ‘blind spot’

Vigeo Eiris reviews the commitments and mechanisms that listed companies put in place to ensure effective social dialogue: one of the least developed themes addressed by companies in their social responsibility indicators and reporting.
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‘How do corporations report on the management and impact of restructuring?’

This study aims at assessing the engagement and performance of almost 4,000 companies rated by Vigeo Eiris in the 'responsible management of restructuring' domain, focusing on the commitments adopted by companies, the inclusion of employee representatives in the decision making process, the choice of measures put in place and stakeholder feedback on outcomes.
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‘To what extent do companies report on their tax payments?’

Only a small minority of listed companies report comprehensively on their tax payments, providing a country-by-country breakdown and information on their number of employees, operational activities, turnover and profits.
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Responsibility and ethical culture in banking and finance

The ongoing and serious cases of misconduct in banking and finance sectors since the financial crisis of 2008-2009 undermine trust in financial markets and threaten banks’ license to operate.
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Transparency and integrity of lobbying: an update on the emerging CSR challenge

The twentieth edition of our Sustainability Focus.‎

The still little-known responsibility of automobile and hardware manufacturers in conflict zones

The nineteenth edition of our Sustainability Focus.‎
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