Six years after the Rana Plaza scandal: is the Specialised Retail sector really managing better its sustainability risks?

New Vigeo Eiris report reveals a slight improvement on the sector’s approach to ensure the integration of social factors in the supply chain, product safety, and information to customers, yet these topics are still the most controversial in the sector. Moreover, the report sheds light on new challenges associated with some sector practices and changes in business models.

The report provides Vigeo Eiris’ exclusive opinion on 268 companies belonging to the Specialised Retail sector. The report includes the sector’s strengths, innovations, risks and best practice as well as controversies, vulnerabilities and emerging challenges such as sustainable sourcing, use and disposal of products at end of life and social and ethical challenges facing online retailers. It analyses performance scores and advanced indicators on critical risks factors such as energy transition, business ethics, due diligence on social and environmental risks in the supply chain, human capital and human rights, governance, executive remuneration, transparency on taxes, integrity of lobbying practices, the products & services impacts on sustainability and their contribution to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.
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Retail & Specialised Banks: High potential to influence companies towards more environmentally responsible behaviours, as financial intermediaries.

However, money laundering, Board’s composition and diversity remain among the banks' top sustainability risks.
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The Aerospace and Defence Sector: in light of its products’ controversial nature as well as of the recent safety accidents, is this innovation-driven sector properly addressing ESG risks?

New Vigeo Eiris report reveals the contrasted and overall limited ESG performance of the Aerospace and Defence sector.
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The Tobacco Industry fails to convince about its contribution to sustainability

This report provides Vigeo Eiris’ exclusive opinion on 14 companies belonging to the Tobacco Sector and their vulnerabilities, controversies and material risks.
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The Diversified Banks Sector, ten years after the financial crisis: is the lesson learned?

New Vigeo Eiris report ranks the sector second out of 39 in terms of CSR performance. However, key findings reveal our limited opinion on the sector’s ability to preserve intangible assets and the vulnerability of diversified banks to business ethics risks.
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Amidst the #MeToo movement & ongoing digital transformation of the media industry, how do Broadcasting & Advertising companies perform on ESG?

Despite weak overall sustainability commitments and climate scores, some European companies are beginning to embrace renewables.
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The Electric and Gas Utilities Sector: improved overall ESG performance, though key challenges linked to climate change & energy transition, customer relations and access to energy remain to be fully met.

The sector’s reporting rate is a strength, but the level of controversies affects Vigeo Eiris’ opinion on Electric and Gas Utilities companies’ ability to mitigate ESG risks.

As the UN estimates that a third of world food is wasted annually, is the Supermarket sector doing enough to address its ESG risks?

Although Supermarket companies have made improvements by implementing measures to address food safety, energy use and human capital, frequent controversies remain a key challenge for the sector
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The Beverage sector displays limited performance in its management of water, despite this being a crucial resource for the industry

With predictions that there will be more plastic than fish in the sea by 2050, reducing the impact of packaging is another key challenge for the sector
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The Travel & Tourism Sector: limited progress on highly material issues such as sustainable urban transportation, social disputes and child sex tourism

With the transport sector responsible for 75% of all CO2 emissions worldwide, the development of green tourism and sustainable transportation are key issues for the sector
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