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Vigeo Eiris’ CSR policy

Assessing and promoting social and environmental responsibility form the core of Vigeo Eiris’ business lines and the foundation of its raison d’être. Vigeo Eiris has built its own approach to social responsibility, with the firm belief that it constitutes a performance factor and a driver of brand promotion and attractiveness.

The teams at the heart of our professional excellence
Our employees are the foundation of our expertise and form the backbone of the agency, guaranteeing the quality of the products and services we offer. Strengthening, developing, and promoting our expertise is one of our key priorities, forming an important part of our commitment to staff.

Our commitment includes:

  • Frequent, in-depth dialogue with teams 
  • Guaranteeing equal treatment to all employees throughout the recruitment process, skills and career development, including remuneration and work-life balance.
  • Promoting equal opportunities in the workplace and developing cultural diversity.
  • Ensuring that skills development and individual and collective performance are key factors contributing to career and remuneration development.


Independence, transparency, quality and integrity: requirements formalised in a code of conduct and translated into professional practice


Prevention of any strategy of influence
Vigeo Eiris is committed to the prevention of any strategy of influence exerted against the agency or its employees. The agency has adopted an ethics alert mechanism, whereby employees can notify a key contact as necessary.

Find out more in our Code of Conduct

Governance aligned with best practice standards

The pluralistic nature of Vigeo Eiris’ shareholding structure ensures the agency’s independence. The decision to include companies in the shareholding structure alongside investors and civil society organisations was motivated by the desire for a pluralistic body of shareholders – companies, trade unions, NGOs, traders, etc. – thus reflecting the varied expectations and interests of the agency.

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Innovation, trust & dialogue: the foundation of our client relationships

  • Vigeo Eiris provides its clients with research and services adapted to every responsible and ethical investment approach.
  • Maintaining close contact with clients nurtures our understanding of market expectations. A customisable client extranet portal ensures fast access not only to the products and publications but also to real time information published by the agency.
  • Project managers in charge of innovation ensure the diversification of our services to meet the needs of new market segments and to anticipate future needs.
  • Teams are dedicated to answering to client requests within 48 hours (maximum).


Respect and responsibility towards our suppliers and competitors

  • The agency ensures respectful behaviour towards competitors.
  • We pay close attention to our payment deadlines, which vary from 30 days to 2 months depending on the site.

Find out more in our Code of Conduct

Engagement and awareness of environmental issues linked to staff transport, energy consumption and waste management includes:

  • measurement of our carbon footprint across all sites and at group level in 2017.
  • reduction of energy consumption through:
    • Offices accessible by public transport.
    • A teleconferencing system for calls and working meetings across sites.
    • Using telework to avoid long and recurrent commuting.
  • Sorting system for office waste and recycling of used objects and documents.
  • Use of recycled paper and commitment to limit the use of paper outputs for Vigeo Eiris Rating.




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