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Methodology   Methodology & Quality Assurance

Established approach and processes that ensure the relevance of our analyses and opinion

Vigeo Eiris’ exclusive methodology guarantees the impartiality of our analyses and ratings, equal treatment for all companies under review and the traceability of collected information. The methodology measures the relevance of companies and organisations’ commitments, the efficiency of their managerial systems, their ability to manage risks, and their performance on all environmental, social and governance responsibility factors.

A 360° analysis

A framework of 38 precise sustainability criteria based on international standards are grouped into 6 domains of analysis. These are segmented into 41 sector sub-frameworks selecting and weighting the most relevant objectives. They are assessed through 330 indicators applied to precise principles of action enabling us to evaluate managerial systems.

International framework

icon-triangle-redConventions, recommendations, statements and guiding principles of the UN, ILO, PNUE, Global Compact, OECD and European Union…

Risk factors

icon-triangle-red6 domains of analysis:

  • Environment
  • Community Involvement
  • Business Behaviour
  • Human Rights
  • Governance
  • Human Resources

Analysis by Sector

Construction of a sectoral framework by activation/deactivation of the 38 generic criteria, and weighting of each sustainability driver. More than 300 principles of action enable us to question companies on their integration of social responsibility issues into managerial systems.

Criteria Weighting Methodology

Each criteria is activated and weighted based on its relevance by sector. Three factors contribute to the weighting of each criterion:

Factor 1 :
Nature of stakeholders’ rights, interests and expectations: fundamental / essential / legitimate
Factor 2 :
Vulnerability of stakeholders by sector: high / average / low
Factor 3 :
Risk categories for the company: Human Capital Cohesion, operational and organisational efficiency, Reputation, Legal security, Market security, Transparency

Vigeo Eiris is committed to delivering client products and services with high added value: a result of research and analysis that adheres to the strictest quality standards. Our methodology is reviewed by an independent scientific committee and all our production processes, from information collection to service delivery, are documented and audited. After being certified according to the ARISTA 3.0 quality standard until March 2018, Vigeo Eiris has chosen to certify all its processes to the latest ISO 9001 standard.



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Analytical framework & grounding
in international standards

Our framework of analysis is built upon international norms, principles and recommendations addressed to states and/or companies. These principles have universal reach and therefore apply to every company. Taking them into account and effectively promoting them is not only desirable but necessary to concretely implement social responsibility at a global level. These principles are advocated by stakeholders all over the world.

To further serve this objective, assessed companies/organisations can also subscribe to private standards or initiatives (certifications, labels or guidelines).

Managerial systems are analysed based on 3 factors.‎ Vigeo Eiris’ questioning is then structured into 9 angles of analysis, combining the precise questions and points of observation upon which our analysts and consultants collect, select and assess information to provide their opinion.

A criterion’s score comes from the consolidation of scores attributed to the relevance of policies, how coherently they have been implemented and the results.

Our ratings follow a conventional 4-level scoring scale.