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V.E’s Academic Partnerships

Academic research into Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Sustainable and Responsible Investment (SRI) and Sustainable Finance is essential to the ongoing development of the industry.

Our engagements

Supporting academic institutions

We are committed to supporting academic institutions and provide access to our databases, researchers and expertise to facilitate this.

Interested institutions are encouraged to contact us and provide information on:

  • Their research theme & objectives
  • The type and scope of ESG data required
  • And specific details on the individuals responsible for the work

We offer Academic Institutions the following services:

  • Access to our ESG data and assessments
  • Access to our staff for training, seminars, workshops and lecturing purposes
  • Support for webinars, seminars and events related to academic research
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Veroniki Zerva | Head of Institutional Relations

Partnerships and affiliations are fundamental to our work. They inspire and facilitate the change we want to see. As we enter a decade of transformation and transitions we are committed to building on our pioneering roots and forging dynamic and impactful partnerships across Academia, Regulators, Investment and Corporate Social Responsibility.


Veroniki Zerva | Head of Institutional Relations