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Institutional Relations Affiliations and Memberships

V.E’s Affiliations and Memberships

V.E proactively engages in stakeholder dialogue to promote social responsibility, responsible investment and to support the development of market standards.

Our engagements

Developing Affiliations and Memberships 

We hold a number of affiliations and memberships with civil society organisations, standard setters and local market actors.

Through these memberships we are dedicated to:

  • Supporting the creation of an operating environment conducive to social responsibility and the development of a robust and transparent responsible investment,
  • Taking part in the activities of multi-stakeholder structures within our sphere of influence and activity,
  • Developing and maintaining relationships with the key institutional players amongst our stakeholders: the investment community, asset managers, professional federations and trade unions, civil society and intergovernmental networks.
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Veroniki Zerva | Head of Institutional Relations

Partnerships and affiliations are fundamental to our work. They inspire and facilitate the change we want to see. As we enter a decade of transformation and transitions we are committed to building on our pioneering roots and forging dynamic and impactful partnerships across Academia, Regulators, Investment and Corporate Social Responsibility.


Veroniki Zerva | Head of Institutional Relations