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Our Commitments Quality & Ethics

Quality, ethics and transparency

Ethical conduct, continuous improvement and transparency on our activities is a priority for V.E. To that effect, the key policies governing our behaviour as well as our commitments are provided below.

Our quality assurance

Our code of conduct

Independence, transparency, quality and integrity requirements are all formalised within the Code of Conduct which is signed by all employees.

Our code of conduct

Our commitments to rated issuers

V.E has issued 12 professional commitments towards the issuers that we assess. These strengthen the ethical commitments made within our code of conduct.

Our 12 commitments

Our quality certification

V.E received the ISO 9001 (2015 version) certification for its quality management system following an external audit that took place in January 2019 covering the company’s offices and its key processes related to the rating of the sustainability risks and ESG performance of organisations.

The following processes are certified in compliance with the requirements of the international standard ISO 9001:2015:


  • the internal development of the agency’s methodology,
  • the collection, qualification and rating of ESG and specialised data,
  • the sales and delivery systems for ESG and specialised data,
  • the production, sale and delivery of products and services derived from ESG and specialised data.

The certificate covers all V.E sites.

The evaluation was conducted by AFNOR Certification and resulted in a certificate valid until 28 January 2022

CSCI Document
ISO9001 certificate


V.E is a signatory to the UN Global Compact and the UN Principles for Responsible Investments. Our latest reports can be found below:

UN-PRI transparency report