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Are companies responsible for the protection of biodiversity?

This new Vigeo study provides a comparative analysis on commitments and practices developed by 127 European listed companies belonging to nine sectors.

The study reveals that:

  • Most listed companies show a public commitment towards biodiversity. 74% of them have made references to the protection of biodiversity in their public documentation.
  • Companies’ overall level of awareness with respect to protection of biodiversity is limited and heterogeneous. Among the nine sectors included in the study, the Building Material sector shows the most advanced commitments but at a average level.
  • Only a minority of companies commit in a relevant way for reducing their impacts on biodiversity. Most focus on their pressures on ecosystems. Conversely, the impacts associated with controversial activities (GMO, biofuels…) are barely mentioned.
  • The influence of stakeholders is crucial to the behavior of firms in the protection of biodiversity. We observe that more companies are subject to allegations, more their level of engagement regarding the protection of biodiversity increase.


This study also identifies innovative practices and the 20 most advanced managerial performance in terms of biodiversity.

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