NEW 5 Minute Read – Controversy Risk Assessment: 2020 Snapshot

Sustainability-Linked Bonds: A new chapter in sustainable finance

V.E releases updated data from COVID-19 Controversies

The effects of COVID-19 have provided an unprecedented stress test of corporate social responsibility. As the pandemic has evolved, our teams have been monitoring companies to assess their exposure to ESG controversies.

Navigating Transition Finance

Transition Finance represents the need for brown sectors to shift towards a more sustainable business model and to make long-term changes. It embraces a wide range of environmental and social goals typically embodied by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

VE Releases New Study on Emerging Risks in the European Insurance Sector

Within our assessments of the insurance sector, Vigeo Eiris analyses how these companies factor emerging risks into their service offering. This Sustainability-Focus provides an overview of the European landscape.
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Vigeo Eiris Launches Enhanced Second-Party Opinion Service for Sustainable Bonds

Enhanced service will enable more impactful communications by issuers and provide increased transparency for investors on expected sustainability impact.

Towards Resilience, German corporates push for a green stimulus

A paper written by IMUG, a Vigeo Eiris exclusive partner

Human Capital: a key asset not yet fully appreciated by the financial industry

This paper aims to assess 792 financial companies rated by Vigeo Eiris on their ability to enhance opportunities and limit risks in relation to their human capital.
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From goodwill to eradication, how are companies tackling child labour in the supply chain?

On the International Day Against Child Labour, Vigeo Eiris publishes this sustainability focus assessing companies’ performances and abilities to tackle child labour in their supply chain.
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Protection of biodiversity: Companies need to take action as scores remain quite limited

On the International Day for Biological Diversity, Vigeo Eiris publishes the list of its 18 Top Performing companies on the criteria “Commitment to prevent risks of endangering biodiversity”
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