Covid-19 Moroccan Overview

The severity of the coronavirus pandemic has prompted governments in over 200 countries to take unprecedented measures to lock down populations and pause non-essential business operations.

Amazon Fires in a Global Context of Deforestation: need for increased Investor awareness

Over the past weeks, forest fires have been ravaging the Brazilian Amazon region and made the headlines in the international newspapers during several days. The number of forest fires is higher in the Amazon regions where they are used – mainly by farmers - as the main tool to free land for agriculture.
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Vigeo Eiris publishes a new Opinion Column: “Oil sands: what does the future hold?”

The oil sands industry receives much criticism worldwide because of its heavy social and environmental impacts, which can in turn generate complex legal, regulatory and social risks to shareholder value.
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Ecosystem Services

In recent years, the phrase ecosystem services (ES) has been used to describe natural contribution of ecosystems to the functioning and wellbeing of society. These benefits an be direct or indirect, and small or large in scale.
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From COP21 to COP23: Developments in business and investments since the 2015 Paris Agreement

After more than two decades of failed attempts to reach global consensus on climate change, a historic agreement was reached in Paris on 12 December 2015 at the 21st Conference of the Parties of the United Nations Framework Convention on Change (UNFCCC - COP21).
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Sustainable Development Goals: challenges and perspectives for real estate companies with the 2030 Agenda

Two years after the adoption of the Sustainable Development Goals, the application of sustainable policies and practices in real estate activities, developments and investments constitute an asset and an important benchmark within the sector.
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Vigeo Eiris published a new Opinion Column: “Companies’ neglect of the challenges posed by growing use of nanomaterials”

The nanomaterials revolution continues without considerable restraint from authorities while CSR challenges are virtually ignored by concerned companies.
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Insurers and Climate Change Actions

Climate change has been a driver of market innovation, policy engagement and analysis, and is now stimulating new regulatory approaches for insurance in many countries.

ICTs under scrutiny for breaching user privacy

Information and communication technology (ICT) companies are being increasingly confronted to a dilemma between their legal and social responsibilities.
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Post COP21: How well companies & investors are positioned to respond to climate change 

COP 21 is ‘historic’ – a first in history, and now, behind us. But the work towards realising its significant achievements has only just begun.
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