NEW 5 Minute Read – Controversy Risk Assessment: 2020 Snapshot

5 Minute Read – The “Green Rush”: Market exposure to the growing cannabis industry

V.E is constantly monitoring changes that impact the world of investing. Our analysts have put together a short briefing intended to keep you informed on the the latest in ESG.

5 Minute Read – Towards Nuclear Disarmament: The UN Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons

V.E Publishes Corruption Prevention Study

Corporate Governance 2020 Annual Study by Vigeo Eiris ang GovernArt

For the fourth time, in partnership with the Adolfo Ibáñez University, we make publicly available the results of these ratings through the ESG Series.

Human rights in a globalised world: why do companies need to pay more attention?

Rating the human rights commitments, risk management and reporting of 4,500 companies listed worldwide.
2019-07-02T01:18:12+01:00Thematic Studies|

Vigeo Eiris & GovernArt published: Performance of Latin American Investors

In this study, Vigeo Eiris and GovernArt highlighted Latin-American investors’ practices when it comes to integrating ESG factors in their strategies, processes, and investment decision making.
2019-07-02T01:20:45+01:00Thematic Studies|

The human rights responsibilities of business in a changing world

In this new thematic study, Vigeo Eiris explains how companies across the globe are addressing four key areas of human rights
2019-07-02T01:21:51+01:00Thematic Studies|

2016: SRI development goes on: again continued growth for green, social and ethical retail funds in Europe

2016-12-11T15:06:30+01:00Thematic Studies|

Responsible Supply Chain Management

Vigeo Eiris has published a comparative study on the degree to which listed companies around the globe report on the respect of international, social and environmental norms in their supply chain management.