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Vigeo Eiris News - 21/05/2012

Christophe Revelli (University Montpellier 1), winner of the RIODD-Vigeo Trophy

The trophy, awarded to Christophe Revelli for his thesis “The financial performance of social responsible investment (SRI): meta-analytic approach”, was given on May 22th in Audencia on the occasion of the RIODD (International Research Network on Organizations and Sustainable Development).


This thesis evaluates the financial performance of socially responsible investment (SRI). In the purpose of overcoming the lack of consensus on the research theme, we propose to approach the question under the angle of generalization across a meta-analytical approach, aiming to demonstrate a link between SRI and financial performances (or stock exchange performance) and identify the methodological determinants of this causal relationship. Across the study of an empirical corpus observation, including 75 studies (161 experimentations) across the 1972-2009 period, all selected on the basis of our own typological definition of SRI, we articulate our research around two studies : exploratory and meta-analytical approach.By the use of non-parametric tests (chi square), and of data analysis (simple and multiple correspondence analysis, ascending hierarchical clustering), the exploratory study provides typologies of SRI effects on the financial performance, gathering the nature of SRI impacts on performance (positive, negative or neutral) ant the terms of methodological variables (SRI market, data comparison method, financial performance measure…). The meta-analytical approach (first one in the field of research) explores the relation between SRI and financial performance on a reduced corpus (61 studies / 123 experimentations). The results we observed tend to prove that ethics has no financial cost and generates similar profitability (even slightly more) than a conventional investment. We also observe that the empirical choices made by the authors have a considerable influence on the nature of the ISR financial performance.

Keywords : Academic Research, World