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Climate change: How do companies respond?

Vigeo and WWF-France publish the second part of the study they led together, which look over the behavior of 238 companies in view of the climate change challenges. Nine different industries are represented. In this study, Vigeo measured the companies' level of commitment and the use of the leverages available, in order to reduce the carbon share in their production processes, on the products' life cycles. WWF commented the assessments and put Vigeo's opinions in perspective.

This study highlights that:

  • Most of the companies are committed to protecting the environment
  • Although the reduction of the carbon footprint in the production processes is now a very important goal, the information on the processes remains very limited and the performance indicators show significant room for improvement. In most cases, the regulations encouraged by European directives, are the key to change behavior towards the reduction of CO2 emissions. There is no guarantee that the companies will implement European standards in the rest of the world
  • The reduction of the carbon footprint of the products or services that release greenhouse gases is often subject to strong communication
  • Innovative commitments aim at switching from growth models based on the increase of volumes sold to strategies relying on the product functionality. These efforts are emerging in Europe, particularly in sectors such as electricity and car industry
  • Leaders of the environmentalist performance have emerged, including French companies in each sector

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