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Controversy risk assessment: a focus on biodiversity

Biodiversity controversies are captured within our Controversy Risk Assessment database. Data and analytics compiled by V.E, part of Moody’s ESG Solutions, captured 337 individual biodiversity allegations between December 2016 and April 2021. This represents 7% of the 5,097 controversies analysed over the same period.

We expect the spotlight on the materiality and impact of biodiversity risk management to intensify in 2021 and beyond. The focus of policymakers, investors and civil society on ecosystem degradation and systemic risks is increasing. This is the second in a series of reports aiming to provide an overview on the materiality of biodiversity for investors and companies, supporting the need for appropriate integration of biodiversity into risk assessment frameworks. The first report, Integrating biodiversity into a risk assessment framework, focusses on the impacts, dependencies and governance of biodiversity-related risks.



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