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Thematic Studies - 11/02/2010

CSR: what do companies do report on?

Analysis of European companies' reporting on social resopnsibility

In the space of less than ten years, the PR of European companies on their social responsibility has increased spectacularly. Whether it be in a specific document, such as a report on sustainable development, or in their statutory information, such as an annual report, management report or risk review, the majority of listed companies publish strategic views and accounts of their targets, actions, results or risks on this subject.

This study takes stock of the information published or sent to Vigeo by more than 700 companies in respect of their social responsibility over the period 2007-2009.‎

  • Who are the companies that make a distinction between communicating and reporting?
  • About what, and to whom, do they provide information as a matter or priority?
  • Does transparency come from legislation, the sector of activity, managerial willingness?
  • Is plentiful and externally audited information sufficient for ensuring relevance?
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Keywords : ESG, World