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Thematic Studies - 05/04/2011

Discrimination in the work place – a real risk for CSR

Vigeo has just published a new study which looks into how 500 companies listed on European stock exchanges deal with preventing discrimination and promoting equality in the work place. The majority of these companies recognize that it comes under their social responsibility to prevent exclusion and unequal treatment within work groups.

The study carried out by Vigeo shines light on the  large scale of discriminations (from recruitment to career development through salary, access to training, working conditions and social welfare) to which  more than a dozen of employee categories are still subjected: women, union activists, seniors, ethnic minorities, migrants and  their descendants, people affected by physical disability, sexual minorities, workers with family responsibilities, women exposed to the risk of sexual harassment, etc…

The most advanced European companies have integrated preventing discrimination quite clearly into their risk management. Their reputation, legal security and the social cohesion within the company benefit from this.

In this study, Vigeo has identified 30 companies which have been exemplary in the carrying out of their commitments and management procedures  and which demonstrate the highest performance with regard to this criterion. The study also considers the controversies and criticisms which have arisen during the last three years.

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Keywords : ESG, Human Rights, World