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Duncan Paterson of CAER, EIRIS’ global platform partner in Australia, outlines his vision of how to mainstream ESG

Duncan Paterson, CEO of CAER, Corporate Analysis. Enhanced Responsibility gives his views on ESG and emerging markets as part of a weekly interview with practitioners published by Emerging Markets ESG, a consultancy dedicated to the analysis, benchmarking, development and promotion of reporting on environmental, social and governance (ESG) indicators in emerging markets.

CAER is a global platform provider of EIRIS in Australia, the leading global provider of ESG research for investors. CAER was established in January 2000, and offers research services on a range of ESG criteria.

In 2012 EIRIS celebrated the launch of its report ‘Evolving markets: what’s driving ESG in emerging economies?‘ which combines investors’ insights with data from EIRIS’ newly-launched Emerging Markets Service to explore the strong currents that are carrying forward corporate performance and disclosure on ESG issues in emerging markets. The report found that responsible investment allocations to emerging markets have increased by almost 30% since 2009.

In this recent interview Duncan Paterson gives his views on the definition of ‘socially responsible investment’ (SRI), what distinguishes SRI from mainstream investment, which ESG theme is the most challenging for companies in Asian emerging markets to manage, which theme is most challenging for investors in Asian emerging markets to analyse and the three most important ESG issues in Asian emerging markets at the moment.

“While it is great that mainstream investors are acknowledging ESG factors, we will always need leaders in the finance sector who are telling a story that is ahead of where the market is at the time” commented Duncan Paterson.

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