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‘To what extent do companies report on their tax payments?’

Only a small minority of listed companies report comprehensively on their tax payments, providing a country-by-country breakdown and information on their number of employees, operational activities, turnover and profits.

Furthermore only a small number justify their physical presence or the presence of their assets in tax havens or offshore centers.
A February 2017 Vigeo Eiris study analysing 1,139 multinational companies revealed that:
– Only 2.5% of companies reported comprehensively on their tax payments in line with OECD recommendations . This minority provide a geographical breakdown of their tax payments and data on their operations including sales, operating profit or the number of employees in each area of operation. They also disclose the actual tax rate they pay and explain differences between this rate and the statutory rate.

– Nearly 1 in 10 companies (9.1%) fails to disclose any information on their tax payments.

– 44.4% of companies only disclose partial information, generally limited to the gross amount of tax they pay, with no geographical breakdown by operating country or region.

– Less than half of companies provide a breakdown of the taxes they pay by country or region; and for one third of these companies the reporting covers less than half their activities.

– Nearly a quarter of European companies (24.9%) and a fifth of American companies (18.3%) provide comprehensive information on their tax payments, sales, operational results and the number of employees.


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