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Sustainability Focus - 19/09/2013

Extractive industries and the challenges of implementing the Voluntary Principles in Weak Governance Zones

The ninth issue our Sustainability Focus.‎

Companies in the mining and energy sector continue to both maintain operations in, and migrate towards weak governance zones in search of new opportunities to extract resources. Violence is often a defining feature of such locations and can materialize in a myriad of ways, from oil thieves sabotaging pipe lines, to terrorists threatening to abduct and execute employees.

When operating in such violent zones, the Corporate Responsibility to respect the Human Rights (of employees and local stakeholders) becomes of paramount importance. However, implementing such policies in such challenging conditions is no small task. This edition of Vigeo’s Sustainability Focus will draw attention to the challenges of implementing the Voluntary Principles on Security Forces and Human Rights (the VPs) in Weak Governance Zones.

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Keywords : Europe, Human Rights