‘How do corporations report on the management and impact of restructuring?’

In the age of globalisation, the responsible management of restructuring and reorganisation is a key engagement for companies to undertake in order to provide decent work and employment to their workforce and surrounding communities. The current global employment crisis represents an income insecurity risk for millions of workers. During the December 2017 International Trade Union [...]

‘To what extent do companies report on their tax payments?’

Furthermore only a small number justify their physical presence or the presence of their assets in tax havens or offshore centers. A February 2017 Vigeo Eiris study analysing 1,139 multinational companies revealed that: - Only 2.5% of companies reported comprehensively on their tax payments in line with OECD recommendations . This minority provide a geographical [...]

Responsibility and ethical culture in banking and finance

Focus in English only A strong ethical culture is considered essential to make banks less prone to misconduct. Financial regulators and industry bodies have launched several initiatives to reduce the risk of further misconduct, by launching culture reform initiatives and improving accountability and controls. Vigeo Eiris research shows that a minority of the global banks [...]

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