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Le fracking aux USA – Un défi de réglementations et de relations entre communautés pour les entreprises d’Amérique du Nord

Vigeo’s review of the North American Energy sector has been updated. Our findings reveal that companies in the sector provide uneven evidence of their ability to responsibly extract controversial resources.

In the United States, energy debates have been focused on shale gas over the last few years. Establishing the legislative framework for shale gas production has been primarily done at the state level, resulting in regulatory inconsistency across the country which has perplexed and frustrated stakeholders. Some states have responded by banning hydraulic fracturing or issuing moratoria. Others have moved to regulate it beyond the existing oil and gas regulations that preceded the shale gas boom. Each state is bringing changes to deal with the unique challenges associated with fracking and working to manage changes in the public tolerance for the supposed environmental risks.

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