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Actualité Corporate - 22/12/2017

One Planet Summit : les éléments à retenir

Le 12 décembre, deux ans après l'accord historique de Paris, plus de 60 chefs d'Etat et de gouvernement se sont rassemblés au One Planet Summit, organisé conjointement par le président français Emmanuel Macron, le président de la Banque Mondiale, et le secrétaire général des Nations Unies.

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The initiative also brought together more than 2000 actors from both the public and private sectors, including investors, businesses, governments and local authorities. Sustainable finance has been put forward as a key driver to accelerate the transition towards a low carbon economy and to mobilise the required investments to mitigate and adapt to climate change.

The One Planet Summit has also marked the launch of 12 international commitments built around resilient and climate-oriented projects, such as the first “Climate Smart Zone” in the Caribbeans, financed through a public-private fund, or the “One Planet Sovereign Wealth Funds” launched by six of the biggest global sovereign funds to finance climate action.

As Bruno Lemaire, French Minister of Economy, highlighted “the climate risk is finally taken seriously by the financial sphere – both by companies, that are increasingly committed to being transparent on these risks, and by supervisors and central banks, which will integrate them to their work. It is a good news, and it was long overdue.”

One Planet Summit : One step further from investors towards sustainable finance

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