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Vigeo Eiris News - 09/12/2016

French companies are the best ranked in Vigeo Eiris’ Human Rights study

During a morning session organised on Thursday December 1st by the French media AEF on the subject of “Human Rights and Supply Chains: which practices?”, Vigeo Eiris exclusively unveiled the results of its study on Human Rights and Companies. A study that will be officially presented in January.


“A dispatch published with the kind permission of AEF –”

The rating agency observes a “limited” average performance for the 3,000 companies under review, with a score of 32/100 and substantial discrepancies among regions, sectors, companies and according to the topics covered. French companies obtain the best results, ahead of Swedish and Spanish companies and well ahead Japanese and American ones, which are laggards.

Fouad Benseddik, Vigeo Eiris’ Director of Methods and Institutional Relations declares: “Human Rights are the Achille’s heel of corporate social responsibility”. The 3,000 companies, coming from 35 countries and analysed between September 2014 and September 2016 by Vigeo Eiris, obtain an average score of 32/100 – a score qualified by Fouad Benseddik as “low”, on Thursday December 1st during AEF’s morning conference.

Only 4% of them “cover all Human Right issues” taken into account in the study (see box on methodology). The rating agency observes a “very strong heterogeneity” between companies, as scores vary from 5/100 to 86/100.

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