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Sustainability Focus - 11/06/2012

GMOs in agriculture

The fourth issue of our Sustainability Focus.‎

In Europe,  genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are under particular scrutiny from stakeholders in the agricultural sector. In France, the opposition of militants, of organic farmers, and of the public opinion has been relayed by the French government which recently asked the European Food Safety Agency (EFSA) to renew the ban of MON 810 maize.

In this context, the European Commission has launched a debate at the end of May 2012 about the coexistence of organic agriculture and the growing of GM-crops, which has been identified as “key issues for future reflections about organic farming”.

Vigeo’s fourth Sustainability Focus presents the policies and practices of European companies associated with agriculture and forestry  with regard to GM-crops growing and the protection of biodiversity. Despite some good practices, transparency on the use of GMOs and the measures in place to avoid GM-cross contamination still remains insufficient .”

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