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Indices News - 23/05/2017

Half-year review Euronext Vigeo Eiris ESG indices

Paris – May 23rd, 2017 – Euronext, the leading pan-European exchange in the Eurozone, and Vigeo Eiris have completed their half-year review of their index range.

The Euronext-Vigeo Eiris index range is composed of the following seven indices:
-Euronext-Vigeo France 20,
-Euronext-Vigeo UK 20,
-Euronext-Vigeo Benelux 20,
-Euronext-Vigeo US 50,
-Euronext-Vigeo Eurozone 120,
-Euronext-Vigeo Europe 120,
-Euronext-Vigeo World 120,

Index components are reviewed and updated twice a year, in May and in December. Full details are shown in the appended tables and on Vigeo Eiris website. Decisions made today will take effect in the trading session starting Thursday, 1st of June, 2017.
This latest update of this index range includes 36 new component companies. A total of 36 companies were removed from the range.
New component stocks are those awarded the highest overall scores by the Vigeo Eiris agency, using the Equitics® methodology. These include top ratings for companies’ ability to master risks related to social responsibility and deploy strong commitments in support of sustainable development. Vigeo’s assessment model rates each company on nearly 330 indicators. No sectors are excluded per se.
However following a decision by the Indices Committee, companies that are the subject of controversy on critical issues involving social responsibility and that do not supply comprehensive public information on corrective measures taken or discussions they may have entered into with stakeholders regarding such controversies, are excluded.
Companies’ weighting in the index, calculated by Euronext, is correlated with the rating assigned by the Vigeo Eiris agency. This represents an alternative approach to traditional methods based on float. It allows for positive discrimination in favour of those listed companies—most of which operate internationally—that are the most actively engaged in promoting compliance with universal public standards, particularly in the field of human rights, decent employment practices, environmental protection, governance, business ethics and contributions to economic development and social progress in relevant areas.
Vigeo Eiris
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About Vigeo Eiris
Vigeo Eiris is a global provider of environmental, social and governance (ESG) research to investors and public and private corporates. The agency evaluates the level of integration of sustainability factors in the strategy and the operations of organizations, and undertakes a risk assessment to assist investors and companies in decision-making.
Vigeo Eiris offers two types of services through separate business units:
• Vigeo Eiris rating offers databases, sector-based analyses, ratings, benchmarks and portfolio screening, to serve all ethical and responsible investment strategies.
• Vigeo Eiris enterprise asseses organizations of all sizes, listed and not listed companies in order to support them in the integration of ESG criteria into their business functions and strategic operations.
Vigeo Eiris methodologies and rating services adhere to the strictest quality standards and have been certified to the independent ARISTA® standard. Vigeo Eiris is CBI (Climate Bond Initiative) Verifier.
Vigeo Eiris is represented in Paris, London, Boston, Brussels, Casablanca, Milan, Montreal, Santiago, Stockholm and Tokyo. The team is composed of more than 200 experts of 28 nationalities with diversified and complementary skills. Vigeo Eiris has developed the Vigeo Eiris Global Network made of 7 research providers (Australia, Brazil, Germany, Israel, Japan, Spain and Mexico).
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About Euronext
Euronext is the leading pan-European exchange in the Eurozone with nearly 1,300 listed issuers worth close to €3.5 trillion in market capitalisation as of end March 2017, an unmatched blue chip franchise consisting of 25 issuers in the EURO STOXX 50® benchmark and a strong diverse domestic and international client base.
Euronext operates regulated and transparent equity and derivatives markets. Its total product offering includes Equities, Exchange Traded Funds, Warrants & Certificates, Bonds, Derivatives, Commodities and Indices. Euronext also leverages its expertise in running markets by providing technology and managed services to third parties. Euronext operates regulated markets, Alternext and the Free Market; in addition it offers EnterNext, which facilitates SMEs’ access to capital markets.
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