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Sustainability Focus - 25/09/2014

Human Capital and Social Dialogue in European companies

The sixteenth edition of our Sustainability Focus.‎ Vigeo is currently performing a research project on Human Capital – an approach that fully recognizes the value of competent employees and effective human resources practices, and also highlights the importance of organizational support to valorize them.

The quality of Human Capital management is generally recognized as an important, if not the most important, source of organizational success.

Based on Vigeo’s exclusive database and an extensive literature review, we selected four topics to explore how human capital practices are implemented by European companies. After the Restructuring, this current Sustainability Focus concerns the social dialogue. The next themes will be the role of the HR director and stress.

In this focus, Vigeo has analysed to which degree human capital issues are dealt with in collective bargaining in European companies in the 2009-2014 period. The scope of social dialogue has gradually extended to progressively include qualitative aspects of the work organisation, like employability, employee oriented flexibility, equal opportunities and stress management, but he inclusion of these issues in collective agreements is only fully embraced by a minority of companies. Social dialogue may act as a facilitator for good human capital management , but its potential is only partially valorised.

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Keywords : Europe, Human Rights