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Sustainability Focus - 10/03/2015

Human Capital and the empowerment of the HR function

The eighteenth edition of our Sustainability focus.‎

The role of HR Directors has grown in complexity and significance in recent years, with a notable increase in their standing and responsibilities within a company. This new analysis, with data provided by Vigeo’s assessment and rating of companies, reveals two important observations: the presence of a Human Resources Director is becoming more and more sought after at an executive level; and the annual performance evaluations of line managers goes hand in hand with the quality of human resources management.

The numbers illustrate that 72% of the 380 companies analysed in this study have an executive level Human Resources Director, and 53% of them have put in place an annual evaluation of their line managers’ performance in human resources management.

This “combined approach”, consisting of elevating the rank of Human Resources Directors to a decision-making position and integrating HR management indicators in the evaluation of line managers, contributes to better company performance, particularly for key HR factors like diversity, stress management and the successful administration of large restructuring projects.

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Keywords : Human Resources, World