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Thematic Studies - 02/12/2013

Integration of CSR issues into Corporate Governance

A study on the integration of CSR issues into Corporate Governance system by 1 223 European, Asian and North American companies.

Corporate responsibility is more credible if supervised by governance structure. Based on this assumption, Vigeo evaluates how companies empower their Directors to exercise their corporate responsibility. Vigeo releases a study based on its rating of 1223 listed companies in North America, Asia and Europe. The review focused on the following six aspects:

  • Supervision of corporate responsibility issues by the Board of Directors (human rights, human capital, business ethics, environmental protection, community involvement)
  • Integration of corporate responsibility issues into Director training
  • Identification of corporate responsibility risk factors by the internal control system
  • Role of the audit committee in reviewing corporate responsibility risks
  • External certification of the company’s non-financial reporting
  • Integration of corporate responsibility performance indicators into executive remuneration practices



In the press

“Les conseils d’administration s’impliquent davantage dans la responsabilité sociale de l’entreprise” (only in french).

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Keywords : ESG, World