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V.E’s partner, LeaderXXchange, releases survey results on Global Investors and Directors’ Response to Climate Change

Millstein Center & LeaderXXchange Global Climate Survey Reveals Impact of ESG Issues on Investment and Boardroom Decisions.

This global survey, conducted by a team of researchers at the Ira M. Millstein Center for Global Markets and Corporate Ownership at Columbia Law School and experts at LeaderXXchange, seeks to understand how – if at all – institutional investors and board directors incorporate climate-related issues in their investment decision making and their oversight responsibilities, respectively. It is the first global survey of its kind targeting both investors and directors to probe their responses on climate risk management using two tracks aggregated in a single survey.

The survey was created to understand and assess how environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues impact investment and boardroom decisions. The survey collected data on a broad range of topics, including demographic information of respondents and their views on:

  • materiality of climate change issues
  • extent of training on climate change issues
  • disclosure of climate risks
  • climate risk management and board oversight
  • engagement and proxy voting on climate-related issues

Key elements

  • First study done with both investors & Administrators
  • A correlation exists between interest on climate change issues and gender + age:
    • The survey suggests that interest in climate-related issues is correlated to age: the younger the respondent, the greater the interest in climate-related issues.
    • The survey results support findings of other academic research studies that suggest that women are more engaged on climate-related issues than men. However, the gender gap narrows as respondents get younger, particularly under the age of 35.

This survey has also been integrated onto the TCFD Hub.

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