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Longterm growth of sustainability-linked bonds – Report

Credible targets and structures are the key to longterm growth of sustainability-linked bonds, states new report from Moody’s ESG Solutions.

Recognised market standards, ambitious corporate agendas and strong investor demand provide fertile ground for rapid growth of the sustainability-linked bond (SLB) market. By focusing on general purpose spending, SLBs open the door to a more diverse group of sectors and issuers seeking to burnish their sustainability credentials via the debt capital markets. Broader sector and issuer participation will, in turn, boost demand for SLB paper by mitigating diversification risk in ESG bond portfolios and providing investors with a wider spectrum of opportunities to support companies’ transition and sustainability efforts.



Moody’s is committed to helping market participants advance strategic resilience, responsible capitalism, and the greening of the economy. Our offerings span across credit, ESG, sustainable finance, and climate risk solutions and help our customers identify risks and opportunities and provide meaningful performance measurements and insights.

Moody’s ESG Solutions
Committed to forging a sustainable future, Moody’s ESG Solutions can help your organization to better understand ESG performance, assess climate and environmental risk exposure, strengthen sustainability action plans and meet disclosure requirements. The unrivalled breadth and depth of our solution suite makes us uniquely placed to fulfil even the broadest spectrum of ESG-related goals in risk management, equity and credit markets. Our craft begins with superior-quality data and analytical rigor: by combining over 30 years in ESG expertise with our best-in-class risk analysis, our expert team delivers fully customizable and flexible solutions to companies, banks, insurers, governments, as well as asset managers and asset owners that meet individual needs on a global scale.

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