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New bond issued by Air Liquide took into account Vigeo’s social responsibility ratings

"Air Liquide Finance" issued a bond on 8 October within its Euro Medium Term Notes (EMTN) program for a total of €500 million. The funds will be directed toward the development of the group’s home health activities.


This issue has been picked up in large part among SRI investors, confirming the belief that corporate social responsibility increases companies’ access to new sources of funding.
After several public and supranational issuers, Air Liquide is the first company to release bonds explicitly targeting the expectations of watchful investors on the lookout for risk factors and performance related to social responsibility.

The procurement of a CSR rating for Air Liquide, performed by Vigeo, the European leader in social responsibility ratings, effectively allowed for the bond issue to qualify as a socially responsible investment. Vigeo reviews companies’ ability to manage their social, corporate, environmental and governance and market risk factors.

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