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Vigeo Eiris News - 10/12/2013

Responsible maturity index

This study, conducted in France, Italy, and the UK on the impact of sustainable performance on shared value creation on the thinking of ordinary citizens, is the first of its kind to survey and rank the levels of perception and expectations. The results illustrate the contrast between impressions given by business’ sustainable and responsible corporate practices, and respondent’s true expectations of this same stewardship in an ideal world.


Ethical and sustainable practices are now undeniably an integral part of the businesslandscape, both in terms of public opinion/perception and practical application. There is no turning back.

Perception Gap
The most outstanding feature of the survey is the considerable gap in all countries between the public concept of ideal stewardship, and their perception of what is actually going forward in terms of sustainable practices. In the UK, for example on a scale -10/+10, public perception is reported at 2.9 versus respondent expectation at 6.4. In Italy, perception is at 2.8 versus 7.9 expectation, and in France, 2.1 versus 6.5. All three national results underscore a need for continuing efforts on the part of corporations to engage meaningfully with the public both in concrete activities and practices, and in communicating the results of these practices more effectively.

Employment ranked first among 3 major areas which were included the survey (the other two being Evolving Technologies and Regional Business Development) in all three countries as the vehicle by which business should illustrate commitment, in the opinion of those surveyed, to the challenges and expectations of sustainable, socially responsible, and ethical governance. IMPR expectation levels were highest in Italy at 8.6, followed by France at 7.9, and at their lowest in the UK at 7.3.

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