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Responsible Supply Chain Management

Vigeo Eiris has published a comparative study on the degree to which listed companies around the globe report on the respect of international, social and environmental norms in their supply chain management.

The survey assesses nearly 1300 companies that are headquartered or listed in European, North American (US, Canada) and Asia Pacific countries. Companies are evaluated on the level of engagement demonstrated by their management. They are also evaluated on the managerial processes that they choose to implement and on the indicators through which they report on their willingness and capacity to prevent violations or their complicity in violations of conventions and international social and environmental norms in selecting their suppliers and managing their outsourcing.

This study reports several examples of companies that have been subject to controversies on this topic and the corrective measures that they have undertaken. The agency publishes a list of companies whose commitments to prevent social and environmental dumping can be considered as the most advanced internationally, and whose best practices are recognised globally.

This research based on the exclusive rating methodology Equitics* developed by Vigeo Eiris in 2002 to assess companies’ social responsibility performances and risks, shows that further progress still needs to be achieved in order for social and environmental dimensions to be better taken into account in world trade.

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