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Sustainability Focus - 11/10/2013

Restructuring and Human Capital

The tenth issue of our Sustainability Focus ‎

Vigeo is currently performing a research project on Human Capital – an approach that fully recognizes the value of competent employees and effective human resources practices, and also highlights the importance of organizational support to valorize them. The quality of Human Capital management is generally recognized as an important, if not the most important, source of organizational success.

Based on Vigeo’s exclusive database and an extensive literature review, we  selected four topics  to explore how human capital practices are implemented by European companies. This current Sustainability Focus on restructuring is the first in a series of four publications. The others will concern the social dialogue, the role of the HR director and stress.

In this Sustainability Focus we will analyze how European companies deal with restructurings. Indeed, the crisis confronts companies with balancing conflicting objectives: reorganizing and at the same time retaining their human capital base. If they are not managed properly, an organization risks ending up with high costs and a substantial loss of human capital. We will evaluate whether companies are able to extend their restructuring competencies by looking at the evolution of approaches over a three to four year period.

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Keywords : Europe, Human Rights