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Vigeo Eiris News - 23/03/2015

RIODD-VIGEO 2015 prize

Marine Colon (AgroParis Tech, Sciences de Gestion), winner of the 2015 RIODD-Vigeo prize . The International Research Network on Organisations and Sustainable Development has organized the RIODD thesis prize of 2015 to determine the best theses in social science related to the topics of social responsibility, social organisations and sustainable development.

The RIODD-Vigeo 2015 Thesis Prize was awarded to Marine Colon (AgroParis Tech, Management Sciences) for her thesis entitled “Performance contracts in the urban water sector of Uganda; structuring the formation of market logic and institutional support.”

To read the summary: Thèse de Marine COLON.


The jury would also like to commend the four finalists for the prize:
Finalists :

“Agricultural Accounting and Sustainable Development : a comparative study of Russia and France”
Under the direction of Jacques Richard, Université Paris Dauphine, Management Sciences

To read the summary: Thèse de Yulia ALTHUKOVA.


“The Emergence of the Environmental Dimension of Corporate Social Responsibility: a French-Quebec historical study of EDF

[French Electricity] and Hydro-Quebec”
Under the direction of Anne Pezet, Université  Paris Dauphine, Management Sciences

To read the summary: Thèse de Céline BERRIER LUCAS.


Virginie LECOURT
“The Process of Questioning Ethics : an exploratory study on individual and organisational experiences”
Under the direction of José Allouche and Thierry Pauchant, HEC Montréal/UniversitéParis1, Management Sciences

To read the summary: Thèse de Virginie LECOURT.


“The Juridification of Corporate Social Responsibility”
Under the direction of François Pasqualini, Université Paris Dauphine, Law

To read the summary: Thèse de Gaëtan MARAIN.


The Jury of the RIODD-Vigeo Prize offers its congratulations to the winner of the prize and to the finalists.

The prize of 1,500€ will be awarded to the winner during the 10th RIODD convention, which will take place in Montreal from July 15-17, 2015.

Keywords : Academic Research, France