Solutions for Companies & Organisations

Integrating CSR into your strategy: support & solutions for every approach

With over 500 projects completed worldwide, Vigeo Eiris helps companies, local authorities, administrations, joint and mutual benefit organisations and asset management firms meet their CSR commitments. Expertise, integrity & confidentiality form the basis of our client relationships across all industries and sectors.

ESG criteria at the core of your investments

ESG analysis adds value to any type of growth or investment strategy and can be integrated into new market sectors and funding mechanisms. Increasing numbers of private equity actors, issuers, institutional investors and asset managers understand the value of ESG analysis and incorporate it into green bond issuances, due diligence activities, M&A operations and even public-private partnerships.

Green Bonds/ Social Bonds

The increase in the issuance of green bonds demonstrates issuers’ and investors’ growing interest in being part of sustainable development initiatives. These operations are highly monitored. Success will be defined by the validity of, and compliance with, stated objectives; rigorous management of the projects during implementation; and capacity to transparently report on them.

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ESG-linked- loans

Following the success of the sustainability bonds and loans market which is geared towards financing specific projects, banks and borrowers are now showing growing interest in responsible borrowing based on the unspecified use of proceeds.

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Labels and certifications – providing evidence

Much is expected of companies today: as well as being responsible for their impact and behaviour, they must prove that their responsible objectives translate into tangible actions and results, and demonstrate sincerity in their communications. Independent third-party labels and certifications enable companies to demonstrate their integrity, credibility and transparency. 

Vigeo Eiris 26 000

The ISO 26 000 standard defines social responsibility of companies and organisations. It enables the translation of CSR principles into actions, from a perspective of continuous improvement. Vigeo Eiris offers an evaluation aligned with this standard, to identify your achievements and your main areas for improvement.

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Responsible NGO

Get the “Responsible NGO” label. A genuine lever to reinforce your partners’ trust. Our “Responsible NGO” self-assessment platform allows you to initiate or strengthen your social responsibility approach, as part of an ongoing process of dialogue and continuous improvement.

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Label LUCIE & Label CGEM

Historical partner of label founders in France and Morocco, Vigeo Eiris evaluates companies or associations that voluntarily aspire to receive a label. Awarded by an independent jury, the label certifies the organisation’s level of conformity with a social responsibility charter, as defined by the label itself.

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Make the most of your ESG rating

ESG rating, the level of assurance relative to risk mitigation, and sustainable value creation are increasingly significant considerations in analyses that lead to investment decisions. Companies capture these elements for multiple purposes: to find out their positions compared to their competitors, to call for tenders, relationships with investors, or promotion in internal and external communications. Vigeo Eiris offers tailored services to meet your needs.