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ESG ratings demonstrate an issuer’s capacity to integrate and manage the key sustainability issues in its sector of activity. Our ratings indicate a company’s performance level and the degree to which legal, reputational and operational risks are mitigated. As a true 360° audit, our ESG rating report is a gold mine of information that can be used to inform company strategy and communications.

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information and results from your ESG analysis


the effectiveness of your social responsibility approach at group level, including subsidiaries and supply chain


your performance with peers and discover best practise within your sector


your ESG results


new investors

Our solutions

ESG Rating Report: discover your ESG scores and sector position, understand the weighting and materiality of your key issues and how your results align with ISO 26000 guidelines.

Creation of a bespoke rating if your company is currently unlisted

Best practise sector benchmarks, based on the criteria and companies of your choice.

Presentation of your ESG performance by our sector experts.

Tailor-made services adapted to your needs

Why V.E?

30 years’ experience analysing the ESG performance of listed issuers

Extensive historical datasets

In-depth analysis based on a multi-stakeholder approach, with consistent and specific lines of questioning

We guarantee equal treatment for all rated companies and quality assure all our audits

Our services are tailored to your needs and can include reports, certifications and presentations suitable for your target audience and objectives


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