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Promoting responsible and sustainable investment

Managing climate risk, the transition towards sustainable energy and incorporating Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) factors into financial decisions are of increasing importance to a growing number of investors. The benefit of using ESG criteria to determine the security and value of investments is now widely acknowledged. Though ESG integration procedures vary, they all form part of a broader approach towards risk management and sustainable value creation.

Access research adapted to all investment approaches

To identify risks related to ESG, to detect opportunities for future value creation and to be informed swiftly about controversies and litigations, all require research and data that is reliable, up to date, accessible, and customizable. V.E provides research and services adapted to many types of investment.

ESG Assessment

Detecting ESG risks, identifying opportunities for future value creation and being swiftly alerted to controversies and litigation require data and research that is up-to-date, reliable, customisable and user-friendly. V.E provides research and services suitable for all investment approaches.

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Normative Screening

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and Global Compact (GC) provide internationally recognised blueprints for achieving a more sustainable future. Our normative screening solutions provide investors with the necessary data to align their investments with these standards, develop robust thematic funds and indices. Partner with Moody’s ESG Solutions and champion progress towards a more sustainable and resilient future for all.

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Sustainable Goods & Services

In 2015 UN member states adopted sustainable development goals, to renew and extend the scope of action of economic and financial players. We provide an opportunity for investors to guide their resource allocation to sustainable activities and services, and contribute to sustainable growth.

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Global Compact Screening

By incorporating the Principles of the Global Compact into their strategies, policies and procedures, companies commit to assess, define, implement, measure and communicate their sustainability strategy. The UNGC framework is also a strong tool for investors to meet their fiduciary duty by integrating ESG factors into their investment decisions.

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Controversy Risk Assessment

Use V.E’s Controversy Database to stay informed about allegations and litigation affecting companies in your portfolio. These events can impact a company’s reputation and legal security. We inform you of severity, frequency, and the company’s response to the events.

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Cutting through the complexity of climate risks

TCFD-aligned climate solutions to help you mitigate climate risks and leverage opportunities.

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Controversial Activities Screening

Intuitive and accurate, our solution helps you to pinpoint company involvements across a range of negative criteria.

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Weapons Screening

Leveraging large datasets and powered by an expert team, our solution accurately identifies companies involved in 10 types of weapon.

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Monitor your investment’s performance: ESG, Carbon, Energy Transition…

As well as wanting to know your portfolio’s level of exposure to critical ESG risks, you may also want to measure your portfolio’s carbon footprint, to identify the proportion of your portfolio invested in sustainable goods and services, or to identify those companies that are making a contribution to energy transition. V.E offers a range of services that can meet all these information needs.

 Portfolio analysis

Obtain concrete data to measure and manage the implementation of your global or targeted ESG policy across your portfolio. Through two formats of audit reports, V.E provides you with in-depth data to feed your strategic management and communications.

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Build and implement ESG investment universes and indices

The integration of ESG factors in the construction of financial products brings new drivers of growth to responsible investment. Work with V.E to build a customized investment universe, with thematic or generic indices that ensure a visible connection between financial and non-financial performance.

ESG Indices

Partner with our expert team and leverage our ESG datasets to create tailor-made ESG indices, structured products, exchange traded funds or index derivative contracts.

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ESG Indices & Ranking

Find out about indices and ranking ranges managed by V.E, in partnership with financial and ethical organisations, and which highlight companies with more advanced CSR approaches.

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