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Manage controversies

V.E’s Controversy Risk Assessment Database will keep you informed about allegations affecting companies in your portfolio. Controversies can have serious implications on a company’s reputation and legal security: we inform you of the severity and frequency of controversies, as well as the company’s response.

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real time allegations against companies in your portfolio


whether to keep the status quo, put a company under review, or divest


the controversy through the course of its “lifetime”

Our solutions

Controversy Database

  • Continuous analysis of controversies through three factors: severity, frequency and company response
  • Analysis is based on publicly available information: we only analyse information from legitimate, identifiable stakeholders, and the information must be documented and traceable
  • Access to our dynamic database
  • Access to issuers’ “Controversy Profiles”
  • A summary of all controversies within V.E’s research universe, updated every fifteen days
  • Continuous updating of V.E’s Client Extranet
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