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Manage controversies

Identifying companies’ involvements in ESG controversies is an increasingly important activity for investors. It can identify where gaps exist between ESG commitments and operational practice and reveal where investments are exposed to greenwashing, social, reputational, operational and legal risks. With daily updates and analyst insights, our Controversy Risk Assessment solution goes beyond a news warning to provide you with an enhanced view on ESG risks. 

Our offer

Controversy Risk Assessment

By leveraging Controversy Risk Assessment, you will be able to:


  • Screen your portfolio for ESG risks to manage reputational, compliance and greenwashing risks
  • Engage with companies on ESG thematics to improve sustainability impact
  • Integrate essential ESG data to support the development of SRI labelled fund and indices

Our Strengths

  • A comprehensive approach: 10,000+ entities screened daily for controversies across 38 ESG criteria
  • Company & portfolio reports: providing you with in-depth analysis to ehl you view your investments
  • Alerts service: prompt adjustments to ESG Assessment scores following ESG controversies
  • Norms-based controversy methodology: global norms and standards embedded into our methodology
  • Transparent process: ESG controversies accessible through a dedicated online platform enabling companies to view sources and respond

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