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Detecting ESG risks, identifying opportunities for future value creation and being swiftly alerted to controversies and litigation require data and research that is up-to-date, reliable, customisable and user-friendly. V.E provides research and services suitable for all investment approaches.

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ESG performance information and risk factors into your financial analyses


analyst opinion of sectoral or regional performance by the companies within our universe of analysis


ESG performance information and risk factors into your financial analyses


from research that supports all investment strategies, including integration, general or thematic funds, exclusion of controversial activities, construction of indices, or a combined approach

Our solutions

Corporate ESG Research 

Assembles our analyses and opinions on listed companies and bond & money issuers (unlisted companies, local authorities and public institutions).

Sovereign ESG Research

Contains the scores and benchmarks of 180 sovereign states, based on the analysis of 172 risk and sustainability performance indicators.

V.E research

Delivering ESG Analysis through:

  • Rated Profiles (New Deliverables): including scores, ratings, risk analyses and ESG opinions
  • Continuous Alerts: analysing the impact of events likely to affect V.E’s opinion. Includes 5 different alert types
  • Sector Reports (New Deliverables): showing the status and trends of the 39 sectors under review
  • Raw Indicators: environmental, social and governance KPIs and controversies
  • Controversy Database: learn more about our Controversy Database.

From V.E’s generic model to its customised research

Products are delivered through V.E’s exclusive online platform, an interface that allows you to view different lines of research and is updated in real time:

  • Intuitive: Direct access to ratings, scores, controversies and opinions for each issuer
  • Customisable: A dynamic homepage, organised by your choice of data. Scores can be tailored to your own methods and weighting, and the implementation of corporate benchmarks and criteria can be adjusted according to your requirements.
  • Interactive and user-friendly: connect from any mobile device, communicate with analysts, and export data in a variety of formats.

Demonstrations available on request: please contact us to learn more.