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ESG assessments and scores for large, small and medium sized companies

ESG has gone mainstream. Investors are looking for robust ways to integrate ESG data into their workflow. Whether its for risk management, index construction, portfolio management or reporting, V.E’s ESG Assessment provides you with the insights required to integrate ESG with confidence.

Our offer

ESG Assessments for Companies

  • 0 – 100 scores at Overall and E-S-G levels. Additional scores on up to 38 underlying ESG criteria
  • A qualitative PDF report per company including sector benchmarking data
  • Daily Alerts to ensure that scores are adjusted promptly following controversies and/or positive actions
  • A tailored methodology for assessing Small and Medium sized enterprises (SMEs).
  • Data delivery by API, FTP, Excel as well as via our proprietary investor platforms.

Our Strengths

Regular Updates

Daily ESG Alerts and annual updates of our assessments ensure you are kept up to date

Stable Methodology

With a stable methodology and dataset, we can provide an extensive back history for data testing purposes

Dual Materiality

Our  dual materiality stance ensures a balance of shareholder and stakeholder risks in our scoring model

Global Support

A global team of client support specialists to manage day to day support whatever your time zone


30+ years of experience in developing ESG Assessments and providing trusted insights to market participants

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