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V.E manages two types of ESG indices that are frequently referenced across the financial industry

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a responsible, ethical, thematic or generic investment universe


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index funds, Exchange-Traded Funds, or structured ESG products

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V.E manages two types of ESG indices, published on financial platforms such as Bloomberg and Datastream:

Euronext V.E Indices

Euronext V.E indices are composed of the highest-ranking listed companies according to our evaluation of their ESG performance. This range of indices is updated every six months and includes: Euronext V.E World 120, Euronext V.E Europe 120, Euronext V.E Eurozone 120, Euronext V.E EM 70, Euronext V.E US 50, Euronext V.E France 20, Euronext V.E United Kingdom 20 and Euronext V.E Benelux 20.  Ratings are weighted and measure company performance against a set of risks that we define to monitor and assess corporate responsibility.

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View Euronext V.E indices’ composition from 2012 to 2020

Index Rule Book Euronext V.E

CAC 40® Governance index

The CAC 40® Governance index assesses CAC 40 companies’ performance in terms of responsible corporate governance.
This thematic index is based on the constituents of Euronext’s CAC 40 index and the responsible corporate governance scores obtained by companies according to V.E’s Equitics methodology. Depending on their score, CAC 40 companies are ranked in four groups of 10, giving them a weight in the index.

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Index Rule Book CAC 40 Governance

V.E Best Emerging Market (EM) Performers ranking

V.E’s Best EM Performers ranking is comprised of the best performing companies from a universe of 800 companies from 31 emerging market countries. Companies are analysed using V.E’s exclusive Equitics methodology. The selected companies are listed in 15 countries, belong to 29 different sectors and employ more than 2 million people. Their global scores are the highest of their universe in the fields of human & labour rights, environmental protection, corporate governance, business ethics and contribution to social and economic development in areas where they operate.

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