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Management of risks & opportunities Global Compact Assessment

Integrate the UN Global Compact Principles in your investment strategies

By incorporating the Principles of the Global Compact into their strategies, policies and procedures, companies commit to assess, define, implement, measure and communicate their sustainability strategy. The UNGC framework is also a strong tool for investors to meet their fiduciary duty by integrating ESG factors into their investment decisions.

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your fiduciary duty by integrating the UNGC Principles into your investment strategies


your investment universe in line with the UNGC Principles


that issuers in your portfolio are respecting the 10 principles of the UNGC


with issuers on the UNGC framework

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V.E’s exclusive product analyses your portfolios’ alignment with the UNGC framework:

Company’s score for each of the 4 core UNGC themes

Level of integration of principles of the Global Compact for each company

Level of assurance on each company’s ability to mitigate risks associated to issues covered by the 4 UNGC themes

UNGC information on signatories

Exclusion linked to exposure to critical controversies and GC criteria (controversial weapons and tobacco production, presence in UN specific lists)