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Assess sovereign exposure to ESG risks

Get an in-depth assessment of sustainability performance for 180 sovereigns across 56 criteria and over 170 performance indicators.

Our offer

Sovereign Sustainability Rating 

ESG Rating


  • ESG Assessment provided for 180 sovereigns across 56 criteria and over 170 indicators.
  • ESG scores that measure efforts undertaken by countries towards achieving a wide range of universally recognised sustainability standards.

Carbon Footprint


  • Country-wide production-based GHG emissions & Carbon Intensity data for 180 countries.
  • Approach aligned with national GHG inventories submitted under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change.

By leveraging our Sovereign Sustainability Rating, you will be able to:


  • assess sovereign exposure to ESG risks, undertake portfolio analysis, implement best-in-class & screening strategies, identify areas for engagement.  
  • integrate sovereign ESG performance into risk evaluation & asset allocation, align sovereign funds with ESG disclosure requirements, construct sustainable fixed income indices.​
  • ensure sovereign issuance is aligned with country environmental and social needs.

The Sovereign Sustainability Rating feeds into the the Second Party Opinion (SPO) process for Sovereign issuers. 

Sovereign ESG Outlook

Very High & High HDI countries have highest absolute ESG ratings, while Low and Medium HDI countries are relatively more efficient at generating their sustainability rating when adjusted by economic output.

Our Strengths

Regular Updates 

Bi-annual updates of our assessments ensure you are kept up to date

Data Granularity

Five-level scores, peer benchmark, strengths and weaknesses


Sovereign ESG assessment built around recognized and authoritative international reference texts and country statistics

Materiality Approach

A distinct approach, integrating the impact of ESG factors on countries through three materiality components and equally-weighted E, S & G pillars