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Management of risks & opportunities Weapons screening

Comprehensive weapons screening on over 50,000 companies

Leveraging large datasets and powered by an expert team, our solution accurately identifies companies involved in 10 types of weapon.

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Companies are screened for involvement in ten types of weapon that are illegal, regulated or considered as controversial. There are five types of involvement that are assessed.


  • Cluster Munitions
  • Anti-personnel Landmine
  • Nuclear Weapons
  • Biological Weapons
  • Chemical Weapons
  • Blinding Laser Weapons
  • Incendiary Weapons
  • Non Detectable Fragments
  • Depleted Uranium Weapons
  • White Phosphorus Weapons

Involvement scope

  • Full Weapons Systems (Munitions)
  • Full Weapons Systems (Platform)
  • Key Parts or Services
  • General Parts or Services
  • Shareholders


  • Clear Evidence of Involvement
  • Some Evidence of Involvement
  • Not Relevant / Additional Commentary

Key Features

  • Coverage: all listed companies and select bond issuers (50,000 + values).
  • Update Cycle: monthly updates following shareholding changes and corporate actions (M&A). Annual update of all data.
  • Scope: screening covers the full weapons supply chain (munitions, platforms, key parts, general parts etc). Screening covers manufacturing to shareholding involvement.
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Use Case

  • Risk Management: adhere to investment mandates and manage compliance and reputational risks.
  • Reporting: report on the exposure of your portfolio to illegal, regulated and controversial weapons.
  • Active Ownership: undertake engagement activities with companies with exposure to weapons activities.
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