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Sustainable Finance Green Verifications

Green Verifications: Securing a transparent and impartial opinion on your green credentials

Through our partnerships with Climate Bonds Initiative (CBI) and Nasdaq, we can provide independent verifications on the alignment of projects or your company to market standards.

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CBI Verifications

The CBI verification scheme is a labelling programme for bonds, loans and other debt instruments. Globally, it is used by bond issuers, governments, investors and the financial markets to prioritise climate change investments. 

V.E. has been certified as an approved verifier of the CBI standards.

As a leading provider of Second Party Opinions in the sustainable finance space, we have a strong track record across sectors and regions. Our expert teams are here to answer your certification needs.

Nasdaq Green Designations

Nasdaq Green Equity Designation The Nasdaq Green Equity and Nasdaq Green Equity Transition designations support listed companies wishing to secure a third-party seal of approval on their green credentials. 

There are two voluntary designations:​


  • Nasdaq Green Equity Designation is aimed at companies that have over 50 percent of their turnover derived from activities considered green and continue to invest a majority share in green activities.​
  • Nasdaq Green Equity Transition Designation is attainable for companies with the ambition to transition to become green and have a majority share of their investments allocated to green activities.​


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