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V.E provides SPO for Agri Resources Group’s Sustainability Financing Framework

V.E has provided a Second Party Opinion (SPO) on the sustainability credentials and management of the Agri Resources' Sustainability Financing Framework, in compliance with the Social & Green Bond Framework created to govern their issuances.

V.E has provided a Second Party Opinion (SPO) on the Agri Resources’ Sustainable financing framework, under which the company just issued a 50M Euro sustainability bond. The framework has been designed to finance eligible projects that contribute to sustainable agriculture, land reforestation, agroforestry and biodiversity as well as socioeconomic projects that aim to create employment opportunities, provide training on sustainable practices, and support local economic and social development of the communities.

V.E assigned a Second Party Opinion (SPO) on the sustainability credentials and management of the potential Sustainability Bonds to be issued by Agri Resources Group. V.E is of the opinion that this Framework is aligned with the four core components of the Green and Social Bond Principles 2018. We express a reasonable assurance on the contribution of these bonds to sustainability.

Agri Resources Group is an international business, headquartered in Luxembourg, which focuses on the cultivation of essential products ranging from import-substitution crops to vanilla, spices and niche products. Agri Resources is part of Agricorp, an international Group specialized in agriculture and food processing. Agri Resources operates through two business units: Agriculture, and Vanilla & Spices. The subdivision Vanilla & Spices produces, procures, processes and exports vanilla and spices.

V.E has produced more than 300 second-party opinions on sustainable financing operations in Europe, Africa, Americas and Asia. We are a Climate Bonds Standard Approved Verifier.

Learn more about Agri Resources‘ Sustainability Financing Framework.

View the FULL SPO below.

For more information on this mission and V.E’s SPO services for Bonds and Loans

Savannah Rowe
Communications Assistant

Benjamin Cliquet
Head of Sustainable Finance Business Development

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