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Stress at work, a new global epidemic? How companies address this emerging risk factor

This new Vigeo study investigates the level of awareness and the approach of large European and North American companies to work-related stress.

The study provides a comparative analysis on commitments and practices developed by European and North American companies in support of occupational stress management and summarises their corresponding performance by sector of activity and country of origin. The research also explores the possible correlation between a social dialogue covering stress prevention and companies’ efforts in this sense. Similarly, this study explores whether stress management is part of an inclusive CSR risk management strategy and search for correlations between companies’ commitments, their actions and the results achieved in terms of absenteeism rate, considered, by the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work as one of the factors that can describe job stress.

Vigeo also identified a list of companies that demonstrated, through their management processes, innovative practices to prevent stress at work.

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